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Our exceptional, friendly team is
our greatest asset.

For over three decades, this space has been more than just a dental office; it’s been a cornerstone of our community, a place where patients are embraced as cherished members of our family. In a world dominated by impersonal corporate dentistry, we take pride in offering an alternative—a sanctuary where warmth, empathy, and genuine concern are woven into our patient care. Where the doctors on the
door are the owners of the practice.

What truly distinguishes Flosswell is our unwavering commitment to remaining a locally owned and operated practice supporting the community that supports us. In our eyes, patients aren’t merely cases to be managed; they’re beloved members of our community whose well-being is our highest priority. With integrity, honesty, and a deep-seated sense of responsibility, we serve our neighbors and friends and loved ones, providing them with the kind of care and attention that transcends mere dentistry.

At Flosswell, every smile tells a story—a story of compassion, connection, and unwavering dedication to our patients’ health and happiness. We truly believe that if you Floss Well you Live Well. Join us, your trusted dentist in Jupiter.

Dr. Shelby Trail & Dr. Jenny Perna