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At Flosswell Dental, we understand the impact a radiant smile has on your overall well-being. Dental bridges in Jupiter, FL, can be an ideal solution if you’re missing one or more teeth. Our capable dental professionals offer tailored care to help you achieve a healthy and complete smile.

Dental bridges are a reliable solution for addressing gaps in your smile. They consist of artificial teeth (pontics), which are anchored in place by crowns on adjacent natural teeth. Bridges restore the look of your smile and improve its functionality, making everyday activities like chewing and speaking more comfortable.

Our Dental Bridge Services

Traditional Fixed Bridges
Traditional fixed bridges are a popular solution to replace missing teeth. We use high-quality materials to create a bridge anchored to adjacent natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges
For a more stable and permanent solution, we offer implant-supported bridges. By integrating dental implants into the jawbone, we create a secure foundation for the bridge, mimicking the natural structure of your teeth. This advanced option provides enhanced stability and prevents bone loss.

Maryland Bridges
Maryland or resin-bonded bridges are a conservative option for replacing missing front teeth. These bridges are bonded to adjacent teeth using metal or porcelain wings, preserving the integrity of your natural teeth.

dental bridges in jupiter

The Flosswell
Dental Bridge Process

  1. Consultation: Book an appointment with our expert dentists to talk about your needs and explore the potential of acquiring a bridge.
  2. Treatment planning: Based on your oral health assessment, we will create a personalized treatment plan outlining the steps in designing and placing your dental bridge.
  3. Bridge fabrication: Our skilled technicians will craft your custom dental bridge with precision and attention to detail using state-of-the-art technology
  4. Bridge placement: Once your bridge is ready, we will securely affix it to the abutment teeth or implants, ensuring a natural-looking and comfortable fit.
  5. Follow-up care: Regular checkups will be arranged to monitor the performance of your dental bridge and address any concerns.

Why Choose
Dental Bridges?

Replace missing teeth: Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth by literally “bridging” gaps, thereby restoring your smile’s function and look.

Aesthetic improvement:
Bridges improve the aesthetic of your smile by filling in gaps and maintaining the natural alignment of teeth. This also helps boost your self-esteem.

Improved chewing function: Missing teeth can hinder proper chewing and digestion. Considering dental bridges near you can restore the ability to chew effectively, allowing for a more varied and nutritious diet.

Stop teeth from moving: When a tooth is missing, neighboring teeth may shift into the space, leading to misalignment. Bridges help maintain the proper spacing of teeth and prevent such shifting.

Preservation of jaw structure: Missing teeth can lead to loss of jawbone density over time. Bridges help maintain the structural integrity of the jawbone by distributing forces during chewing.

Why Choose Flosswell
Dental for Dental Bridges?

Trusted expertise: Flosswell Dental offers expertly crafted dental bridges designed by our experienced team. Using advanced technology, we prioritize both aesthetics and durability.

Personalized care: Recognizing the uniqueness of each smile, our dentist in Jupiter, FL, will create customized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. This ensures your dental bridge seamlessly blends with your natural teeth.

Modern facilities: Our commitment to quality care extends to our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology for an efficient and stress-free experience in designing and fitting dental bridges.

Comprehensive aftercare: Beyond the placement of your dental bridge, we provide thorough aftercare instructions, emphasizing regular check-ups and cleanings to ensure its longevity and success.

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Why should I consider getting a dental bridge?

This treatment is an effective solution for restoring your smile and bite functionality after tooth loss. They can improve chewing, speaking, and facial structure by preventing neighboring teeth from shifting.

How is a dental bridge different from a denture?

Unlike dentures, which are removable, dental bridges are fixed in place. They are a more stable and permanent fix for tooth replacement.

What types of dental bridges are available?

Patients can acquire traditional bridges (anchored to adjacent natural teeth), cantilever bridges (anchored to only one adjacent tooth), and implant-supported bridges (anchored to dental implants).

Can I eat normally with a dental bridge?

You can eat most foods while wearing a dental bridge. However, it’s best to avoid excessively hard or sticky foods to prevent damage to the bridge.

What if my dental bridge feels loose or uncomfortable?

If you experience any discomfort or notice a change in the fit of your dental bridge, contact our office promptly for an evaluation. Adjustments may be necessary to ensure its proper function and comfort.

Are dental bridges covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover the cost of for dental bridges, but coverage varies depending on your specific plan. We assist you in understanding your insurance benefits and any out-of-pocket costs associated with the procedure.